Carlos betancourt jr 
Anaheim, CA

 Delicious Ceylon true Cinnamon once i received my ceylon true cinnamon i made me my first cinnamon tea with raw honey and it was so delicious that the next day i ordered from them again and i will continue to order from them from now on. Their shippment was on time as they indicated and their website is is all good and positive i higly recommend them you will not regret it

Fullerton, CA

I have come across many articles containing health benefits of Ceylon True Cinnamon. I read using two teaspoons of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey to make a tea to help loose weight, it mentioned I need to use Ceylon True Cinnamon. I thought of giving this a try and found your website, I am impressed with the results. I do work out and eat a controlled meals. Honey cinnamon mix makes a wonderfully delicious tea.  I love all your wonderful products and I believe you have the best price in the market too. All the best...


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