Cinnamon is a spice that has long been used for medicinal purposes, in addition to flavoring food. It was mentioned in the Bible and was used in ancient Egypt not only as a beverage flavoring and medicine, but also as an embalming agent. One time cinnamon was so highly treasured that it was considered more precious than gold.

You should ensure that the cinnamon you use is fresh and you are using Ceylon Cinnamon or the Real Cinnamon.

Incorporating a teaspoonful of cinnamon in your daily diet can reduce your appetite and help you lose weight and even layers of fat around your abdomen.

1. Sprinkle powdered cinnamon on desserts, cereal, applesauce, French toast or pancakes, or mix it into butter or cream cheese.

2 .Use stick cinnamon in your hot tea, or add to coffee, cocoa or cappuccino to liven up your day.

3. Cinnamon can be baked into a dish

4. A dash or two of cinnamon added to soups such as lentil or black bean may add an exotic flavor

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